PUR Hot Melt Glue Laminating Machine For Fabric Nonwoven Leather Lamination

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Widely used in the manufacture of underwear, clothing, automotive interiors, toys, home textiles and other industries product laminating


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Our hot melt glue laminating machine is mainly consisted of fabric rewinding and unwinding units, fabric and film transmission systems and tension controller, film unwinding and lining or film carrier rewinding device, hot melt glue melting unit (optional), pump (optional), conduction oil source system (optional), glue dot transfer unit, laminating device, cooling device, PLC and other devices. It is compact, highly automatic and easy to maintain

Model:   YH-028
Maximum Material Width:   1600mm
Machine Roller Width:   1800mm (Optional)
Gluing Amount:   5-80g/m2
Machine Speed:   10-60 m/min
Power:   45.0 KW
Electric Current and Voltage:   Customizable
Estimated Net Weight:   11000 KG
Estimated Dimension:   11800 x 3400 x 3600 mm (Optional)


Applicable to the compound textile, non-woven products, TPU, PE, PTFE, EVA, PVC, Foam, non-woven fabric, artificial leather fabric laminating and film laminating...


Textile Industry, Home textile, Outdoor Industry, Medical Industry, Filter Material, Pet Products, Bedding Products...


PUR Hot Melt Glue laminating machine is a special equipment used for bonding materials by using PUR hot melt glue. Widely used in the manufacture of underwear, clothing, automotive interiors, toys, home textiles and other industries.

 This product is made with top technology to ensure that the PUR hot melt Glue used is solvent-free and is an ideal green glue. The composite process is a wet-solid reaction, irreversible, strong adhesion, and good wash fastness.  PUR hot melt Glue does not contain water and solvents, so it does not dry and fits quickly. Plus, it's very sticky, which means less glue is used, saving costs.

 The full linkage control of the lamination process of the whole machine ensures that the substrate is not stretched, and the product is light and soft with a good hand feel. The heat source is oil heat, which heats up quickly and evenly, making the machine an investment in efficiency and productivity.

 PUR hot melt Glue laminating machine is a revolution in the Glue industry. Its superior quality makes it stand out among the Glue products in the market today. With the push towards eco-friendliness, it is the perfect solution for industries that require bonding without compromising product quality.

 This laminating machine allows you to produce high-quality output without compromising fast lamination speeds, strong tack for reduced glue consumption and cost savings, making it the perfect investment to make. The machine's fully linked control of the lamination process ensures that you obtain a consistent high-quality product, increasing the overall productivity and efficiency of the production process.

 All in all, PUR hot melt Glue laminating machine is an essential equipment for enterprises pursuing quality, environmental protection and low cost. Its features make it a unique product and a worthwhile investment. Experience one of these machines for yourself and revolutionize your production process.

1.PUR hot melt glue is a solid. When heated to a certain extent, it is melted into liquid and coated on the base material。
2.Moisture curing, no drying process, fast energy saving, the adhesive layer has certain flexibility, hardness and toughness.
3.Excellent Initial Strength, but also has crosslinking curing function, the final bonding strength is higher;
4.Single component, easy to industrial automation, mechanized operation, high production efficiency.
5.Because the product itself is solid, easy to pack, transport storage.
6.Does not contain any organic solvent, solid content of 100%, no pollution, non-toxic, green environment protection.
7.Excellent heat resistance, water resistance, chemical resistance, durability, etc.
8.As well as the production process is simple, high added value, viscosity and strength, speed and other advantages are favored.
9.Hot Melt glue has stable performance high raw material utilization rate, fast production speed, high yield.

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