High Efficiency Small Flame Laminating Machine For Sponge Foam Car Interiors Laminating

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The sponge is adopted as the bonding material. After melted by high temperature ejected by the flame, the sponge is laminated with other materials, or it can be used to bond other two kinds of materials after it is burnt and melt. It is especially suitable for laminating nap and suede, with such advantage as strong integrity, good hand sense, resistance to water washing and dry cleaning and etc.

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Used for Sponge with nap textile, cloth, non woven products, decorative materials and etc laminating.


Automotive industry ( car interiors, car seats)
Furniture industry ( office chairs, sofas, babies items, stuffings)
Footwear industry
Garment industry
Household cleaning products -PU-fibre scourers
Heat insulation - sound absorption, etc.





Fire type

Natural Gas

The Laminating Process Of Small Flame Laminating Machine

Before production of Flame Laminating Machine;The sponge release station, Fabric release station and the interlining release station (optional) must be loaded with material, the material rod shall be fixed and aligned with each other with the laminating device. The feed roller of the device is driven by a servo motor and its speed is controlled to maintain a steady supply of material required for continuous production in automatic mode.
Then the sponge will be transferred to the Laminating Device of the Flame Laminating Machine. The infrared control will control the material parallel.
Another Material Will be parallel feeding to the Flame Laminating Machine. This material will also go through the welding device and storage device to make sure laminating without stop. Before the material going into the laminating device of the flame laminating machine, the tension control device of Flame Laminating Machine will adjust the tension of roller to make sure it can fully bonding with Sponge.
The Two materials (Sponge,Material ) will be laminated by using flame. After laminating device, the finished product will go through trimming device of Flame Laminating Machine and then Rewinding.


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