HCLL3-300 Cutting Head Moveable Hydraulic Die Cutting Machine

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This die cutting machine is suitable for continuous blanking of various nonmetallic sheet materials by forming knife dies, and can be applied to industries such as rubber, plastic, PVC board, clothing, shoes and hats, cultural goods, sporting goods, especially parts with small knife dies and large quantities.

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Standard Configuration

Intelligent fabric Correction
Intelligent Fault Detection
Intelligent Prompt of Cutter Replacement
Software Control for thermal Shrinkage of fabrics
Intelligent film-re-covering device
Intelligent dust collection and cleaning device
Automatic Sharpening and punching
Absorption and bed replacement function
Multiple gears of air exhaust items
Automatic Locking of Cutter head

HCLL3-300 Cutting Head Moveable Hydraulic Die Cutting Machine




Car Interiors




Home Interiors


Outdoor Products and other materials different kinds of cutting



1、The Automatic Computer Cutting Machine Reduces labor costs, automatic computer cutting machine in the same time can complete the workload of 10 manual cutting workers.Improve production efficiency, can improve the production efficiency of enterprises about 10%-20%.
2、The Automatic Computer Cutting Machine saves the fabric, the use of CAD automatic discharge, than manual discharge to save and improve efficiency, can save about 1%-3% of the fabric,improve safety, automatic computer cutting bed according to the layout diagram cutting, workers only need to control the machine at the side, high safety factor, avoid manual cutting safety accidents.
3、The Automatic Computer Cutting Machine Improves the management level, reduce the shirking of responsibilities and conflicts between cooperative departments, and improve the performance of middle managers; Avoid the influence of human factors on production schedule.

Detail Drawing


1、Beautify the environment, improve the corporate image, cutting cloth scraps through special pipes out of the outdoor, so that cutting environment clean and tidy.

2、Automatic Rewinding and and secondary laminating device can reduce adsorption power, reduce consumption cost, enhance adsorption strength and improve fabric precision.
3、By adopting computer design and automatic typesetting, it saves raw materials.
4、The section cut by the facility has high precision, and the sections can be directly sewed without any trimming by the lathe workers, which effectively increases the sewing efficiency of the lathe workers.



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