HCLL3-300 Cutting Head Moveable Hydraulic Die Cutting Machine

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This die cutting machine is suitable for continuous blanking of various nonmetallic sheet materials by forming knife dies, and can be applied to industries such as rubber, plastic, PVC board, clothing, shoes and hats, cultural goods, sporting goods, especially parts with small knife dies and large quantities.

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Usage or Features of Die Cutting Machine

Servo motor drive, accurate feeding position; Adopt servo motor drive and ball screw drive to ensure the positioning accuracy of punch.
The servo motor is used to rotate the punch, which ensures the accuracy of blanking position.
The machine has manual and automatic working modes, so workers only need to pick up finished products, which greatly improves the working efficiency and reduces the labor intensity.
By manually controlling the transverse movement of the punch, the machine can automatically cut the material, and the displacement distance and feeding length of the punch can be accurately set. It solves the problem that the feeding and layering lengths of multilayer materials are not uniform.
The cutting machine has various working modes such as inching, manual and automatic.
The setting mechanism is simple, matching with the cutter stroke setting, so that the stroke adjustment is convenient and the operation is simple.
Easy to maintain. There is a self-lubricating system at the moving joint of the machine, so there is no concern that the machine will be damaged due to manual negligence in oiling. Ensure equipment precision and service life.
The gantry frame structure made of shaped steel has high strength and no deformation. The lifting position of the pressure plate can be arbitrarily set to reduce the idle stroke and improve the working efficiency.
Adopting differential oil circuit, punching is quick and light.

Cutting Machine Features

Cutting forces mainly include: 300KN, 350KN, 400KN, 500KN, 600KN, 800KN and 1000KN, which can meet the production requirements of different customers.

Two-stage adjudication. A drop, two concentrated pressure. With high-pressure cutting, the cutting edge of this method is neat and the life of the machine tree is prolonged. And save power consumption.

Four-column and crank synchronous leveling mechanism are adopted to ensure the uniform stress in the blanking area of the machine tool. Ensure that the cutting depth of each cutting position is the same.

Set the unique structure. With the setting of cutting knife and cutting degree, the adjustment of the stroke is simple and accurate.

When the cutting platen contacts the cutter, it automatically cuts slowly, so that there is no size error between the upper layer and the lower layer of the cutting material.

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