HCJJ series intelligent precision conveyor belt circulation cutting machine

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Die cutting machine use and characteristics

HCJJ series intelligent precision conveyor belt circulation cutting machine is mainly suitable for automotive interior material sheet or coil continuous molding work. Automatic circulating feed cutting materials can reach the working efficiency of 6 machines of traditional processing equipment.

1. Intelligent oil storage tank type double-cylinder, precision four-column double-link automatic balance structure, four-column block fine-tuning mechanism, adopt ▣ oil pressure system, and all sliding connection parts adopt automatic oil supply and lubrication device. Electrical appliances are controlled by imported components such as Japanese Mitsubishi PLC and spring relay, which can effectively reduce the loss of knife die, avoid size error, and ensure the die-cutting speed and precision of the machine.

2. The conveying part is controlled by Japan Mitsubishi PLC, and the servo motor drive material is input and output from the machine conveyor belt to ensure proper delivery and smooth operation; the touch screen adjusts the feeding length to display fault information to facilitate machine maintenance.

3. Die cutting machine is equipped with infrared photoelectric safety protection device and safety protection cover, which is simple and safe to operate, and is equipped with emergency stop and pause device, convenient to use.

4、Tool mold left and right motor drive, convenient control and adjustment. Up and down cylinder automatic lifting mold, replace the knife mold is convenient and quick.5. The machine is equipped with tension control infrared correction single roll feeding rack, motor drive control left and right movement, automatic adjustment.

die press cutting machine

Die cutting machine Main technical parameters



Maximum cut impulse

60T / 80T / 100T / 120T / 150T / 200T300T (customizable)

Adjustable travel

20-190mm (customizable)

Distance from plate to workbench

0-200mm (customizable)

Effective area of the workbench

1600 * 800mm / 1600 * 1000mm / 1600 * 1200 / 1800 * 1500 (Customizable)

power of motor

Depending on the machine configuration

Power of feeding motor

heating power

Operating Weight (approx.)

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