Automatic Abrasive Paper, Sand Paper Bonding Machine with Logo printing

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Other Name:Sandpaper flocking machine,Sandpaper back pile laminating machine

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This machine is the production of sand plate, sand plate and other sand paper deep processing industry special equipment. The principle is to scrape the water-based glue on the sandpaper and compound with the flannelette, so as to get the flannelette sandpaper which is resistant to tearing, and then after cutting by the cutting machine can get various specifications of the finished sand plate or sand dish. Suitable for deep processing of sandpaper and many other industries.
Main Machine structure included:
1. Feeding device has a constant tension feeding mechanism, so that the material is kept in a tight state, the other configuration of manual deviation device, can ensure that the material in the correct position;
2. Gluing device has two functions, can use oily glue and water-based glue; The amount of glue can be easily adjusted according to the needs of the site.
3. Traction composite device will be coated material and composite material uniform composite, traction into the oven heating.
4. Baking device: using hot air circulation heating, heating temperature uniform, material is not damaged, stainless steel electric heating tube is not easy to oxidation, long service life.
5. Compound device: the installation of flattening rubber bend roller, can ensure that the material does not wrinkle, equipped with electric lifting device, can facilitate workers up and down to move the material, reduce the labor intensity of workers.
6. Printing device: using adagio printing, clear pattern, fast speed, hot air device can quickly dry, to ensure the printing quality.
7. The use of pneumatic cutter, customers can easily according to the need for material cutting or trimming.

Oven Length

15m (customized)





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