Automatic YH-001 Double Belt Flat Bed Laminating Machine For Fiber Special Materials

Short Description:

● Laminate

● Film Laminate

● Press

● Heat Press

● Flat Bed Laminating

● Automatic tracking cutting

● Different Gluing Way

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The pressure of Double belt flat bed laminating machine is transferred by two conveyor belts up and down and the contact is heated and cooled

While the system is integrated, the composite material will heat evenly because with a long enough heating zone, the material will be perfectly compounded and have high strength, materials can be laminated together after heating and passed through the pressure roller to adjust the material height, in order to ensure the composite strength, before the material out of the conveyor belt, the front is cooled through the gaps between the conveyor belts and the precise height adjustment section, even 150mmd rigid sheet can be composite.

Working Width

1800mm/2000mm/2200mm Customized



The Length Of Heat Area


The Lenght Of Cooling Area


The Heating system of Double Belt Flat Bed Laminating Machine is divided into 18 zones that can be separately control by PLC system. Which there are 9 separately zones in the top heating plate and 9 separately zones in the bottom heating plate.

The space between Flat Bed Machine top plate and bottom plate is adjustable.

The height of the upper conveyor belt system can be precisely raised in order to adjust the spacing between the upper and lower belts, so that it is consistent with the thickness of the material.


The Laminating Process Of Small Flame Laminating Machine

1. Without traditional seam broken connection state, strong adhesion, clear embossing that the ultrasonic embossing machine has the a better embossing effect, and more beautiful products;
2. After processing, the waste products have no pinhole and no seepage, and have more waterproof and heating effect;
3. The Ultrasonic Embossing Machine is easy to change the mold that can sew the kaleidoscope, complex discontinuity and symmetry patterns, according to customer needs to develop a variety of patterns;
4. The Ultrasonic Embossing machine has a high degree of automatic intelligence, the infrared automatic edging system can automatically correct each layer of materials, so that the upper and lower materials in the suture process always keep aligned, low processing loss, more smooth and stable products.

Multiple ways of Laminating

● Glue Powder Laminating

● Hot Melt Film Laminating

● Soluble adhesive Laminating

● Solid Glue After Melting Laminating


Carbon fiber, ceramic fiber, glass fiber, Aerogel blanket,sound insulation absorbent cotton, aramid fiber, cotton,Aramong, honeycomb panel, Graphene, Bulletproof material, and other kinds of Laminating. All of them can be laminated by the Double Belt Laminating Machine.
● Medical Industry
Film Laminate, Material Compressed...
● Automobile Industry
Battery insulation Laminating ,Aerogel Blanket Laminating...
● Material Lamination
Fiber Laminate, Multiple Material Laminate...
● Filter Industry
Activated Carbon Filter, Non-woven material Processing...
● Military Project
Armor Material Laminating, Battle Dress Uniform Bonding ...


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