Automatic YH-016 Automatic Ultrasonic Quilting Embossing Machine For Fabric Embossing

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Ultrasonic embossing machine, using frequency broadband tracking technology, so that the output frequency of the ultrasonic generator is always consistent with the frequency of the transducer, so as to ensure the quality of stitching, embossing, and greatly extend the life of the ultrasonic generator, the transducer device; Ultrasonic Embossing Machine Uses high-frequency vibration waves transmitted to the surfaces of two or more materials to be welded.

Work Theory

Wide frequency tracking technology


15KHZ( Standard)

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Work Theory

The longitudinal vibration of Ultrasonic Embossing Machine is generated by the installation of over-energy conversion, and the vibration amplitude is amplified by the horn. The amplitude and flowers wheel rotation driven by a motor when flowers round to press, the contact face, the amplitude between the roller and the amplitude of the fabric cutting to melt under ultrasonic mechanical effect and heat effect Slide away from the work surface, fabrics with pressure wheel drive to get to the function of cutting and printing from time to time ultrasonic embossing machine pneumatic local main work is completed in the process of processing pressure Pressure holding and other pressure working procedure control part to ensure the control of the whole machine workflow, and then achieve synchronous processing effect.


The Laminating Process Of Small Flame Laminating Machine

1. Without traditional seam broken connection state, strong adhesion, clear embossing that the ultrasonic embossing machine has the a better embossing effect, and more beautiful products;
2. After processing, the waste products have no pinhole and no seepage, and have more waterproof and heating effect;
3. The Ultrasonic Embossing Machine is easy to change the mold that can sew the kaleidoscope, complex discontinuity and symmetry patterns, according to customer needs to develop a variety of patterns;
4. The Ultrasonic Embossing machine has a high degree of automatic intelligence, the infrared automatic edging system can automatically correct each layer of materials, so that the upper and lower materials in the suture process always keep aligned, low processing loss, more smooth and stable products.


The Ultrasonic Embossing Machine Widely used in Car cover, car cover chair cover, bag bag, shoes, cotton clothes, children's wear, pillowcase, mattress, pillow, table, curtain, cold gloves, baby mat, wet urine mat, household goods, wardrobe, tent wardrobe, washing machine cover, electric milk, wardrobe, wardrobe, shoes hanging bag, PVC pool bottom, etc.

Customized Ultrasonic Embossing Roller mold(customized based on Customer’s Request):


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