Maintenance requirements for hydraulic die-cutting machine with movable cutter head

The mobile hydraulic die cutter with cutting head is an efficient tool used in various industries to cut material into specific shapes and sizes. Regular maintenance is necessary to ensure that machines remain functional and reliable at work. Here are some maintenance requirements for mobile hydraulic die-cutting machines with cutter heads.

1. Lubrication: It is very important to lubricate the machine regularly to ensure the smooth operation of the machine. The lubrication of the machine should be carried out by professionals in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

2. Inspection: All moving parts of the machine should be inspected regularly for wear or any other damage. This includes cutting blades, hydraulic hoses, belts and chains.

3. Chassis cleaning: The chassis of the machine should be cleaned regularly to avoid the accumulation of dust and debris and affect the performance of the machine.

4. Hydraulic Fluid Level: The hydraulic fluid level in the machine should be maintained at an adequate level to ensure consistent performance. Low levels can result in insufficient pressure, which can affect cut quality.

5. Blade replacement: The cutting blade of the machine should be replaced regularly to ensure consistent die-cutting quality. Worn blades can result in poor cut quality and cause unnecessary stress on the machine.

6. Belt Tension: The tension setting of the drive belt should be checked and maintained to ensure that the machine is not under undue stress during operation.

7. Replacement of filter: The hydraulic filter should be replaced regularly to ensure that the hydraulic oil is clean and smooth. Dirty filters can lead to contamination of the hydraulic fluid, which can damage sensitive machine parts.

By following these maintenance requirements, mobile hydraulic die cutters with cutting heads can provide consistent performance and service over time. Regular maintenance not only prolongs the life and functionality of the machine, but also ensures the safety of the user.

HCLL3-300 Cutting Head Moveable Hydraulic Die Cutting Machine

Post time: Mar-23-2023