Why we call PUR Hot Melt Glue as environment protection Glue

The Hot melt glue laminating machine meets the highest requirements of environmental protection for all kinds of sportswear, jackets, windbreakers, winter clothes, ski clothes, military uniforms, isolation clothes, baby products, etc.
Principle of environmental protection and laminating of PUR hot melt glue: PUR hot melt adhesive is heated and melted into fluid under the condition of inhibiting chemical reaction, so as to facilitate coating; After the two kinds of adherends are bonded and cooled, the adhesive layer condenses to play a bonding role; After that, with the help of the moisture existing in the air and the moisture attached to the surface of the adherend, it reacts and expands the chain, producing a high-molecular polymer with high cohesion, which significantly improves the adhesion, heat resistance and low-temperature resistance. Because of its extremely high reactivity, it shows excellent adhesion to a variety of talents.
The hot melt glue laminating machine is used for bonding TPU film, PTFE film and PU film. The clothing fabric has the characteristics of good waterproof and moisture permeability (air permeability), comfort and softness, and integrates the functions of waterproof, moisture permeability, air permeability, wind resistance, warmth retention, antibacterial, dryness and durability. It is widely used in sports, military and police, aerospace, medical treatment, fire protection and other fields, such as various sportswear, jackets, windbreakers, winter clothes and ski clothes.
The processed fabric can be washed by machine at 40, 60 and 90. Alkali washable; Dry cleaning (resistant to chlorinated solvents and bleaching water); Can be treated in a high temperature sterilizer at 134for 18 minutes; High temperature resistance up to 200.

Post time: Nov-14-2022