Hot Melt Adhesive Film for Hot Pressing

Hot melt adhesive film is a derivative of hot melt (material), used in laminating machine. It is a kind of film products with or without the type of paper, can be convenient for continuous or intermittent operation. It can be widely used in all kinds of fabric, paper, polymer materials and metal bonding.


Hot melt adhesive film according to the use of characteristics, divided into thermoplastic and thermosetting two categories, with the following characteristics:

1. With good consistent and uniform bonding thickness;

2. Easy to process, no solvent, easy to process;

3. For a lot of objects have good adhesion;

4. The thickness is 0.1-0.203mm, and the color is translucent/amber;

5. It can be cut into precise shape and size, suitable for pure manual or automatic applications.

Applications of Product:

It can bond metal, plastic, paper, wood, ceramics, textiles and other materials, in uneven surface bonding can also obtain good results; It is mainly used for the bonding of nameplate, plastic and hardware, the bonding of metal shell and reinforcing plate of electronic products, the laminated bonding of smart card and chip passport, the bonding of mobile phone window frame and front cover, the bonding of camera battery slot, etc.



Low temperature hot melt adhesive film, heat and humidity resistance hot melt adhesive film, seamless underwear hot melt adhesive film, seamless underwear high rebound hot melt adhesive film, and point hot melt adhesive film.

With the continuous improvement of the performance of hot melt and the progress of application technology, the application scope of hot melt is constantly expanding, and the application of hot melt is constantly expanding, but also put forward higher requirements for hot melt. Vigorously develop hot melt and other environmental protection adhesives, in line with the direction of industrial restructuring of adhesives, in line with the scientific concept of development: conform to the trend of The Times.

Post time: Jul-19-2022