The Necessity of Compounding Processing

Dry composite machine is generally used in the process of sticking high elastic underwear cloth with sponge flat fabric, of course, there are other scenes will also be used, such as waterproof and breathable film TPU, PU material is fitted with various bottom and surface cloth; As well as denim fitting shaker fleece, flat woven fabric, knitted fabric and other clothing materials of fine fitting processing and so on.

Judge the advantages and disadvantages of a product, the first thing to judge is the advantages and disadvantages of the material chosen to use this product, the main role of dry composite machine is to improve the quality of the material, the product is more high-quality.
Dry composite machine can synthesize two kinds of materials into a new material, relative to a certain kind of material before, must be a lot, this is also the reason why many manufacturers choose to use dry composite machine.


The following dry compound machine manufacturers continue to understand the necessity of compound processing with you.
Take apparel for example, composite processing combines fabric with fabric or fabric with film.
First of all in wear-resistant and washable than a single fabric to do raw materials much superior.
And if sports clothing, such as mountaineering clothing fabric is more need composite processing, because mountaineering clothing not only need wear-resistant water resistance, but also warm, breathable, moisture permeability, windproof and other functions.
Car cushion materials also need to be composite processing.

Fabric or leather as a surface cloth, and foam is soft, elastic and good characteristics.
And because of the use of composite glue with fire prevention function, so there is a certain guarantee of safety performance, so made of car seat than ordinary car seat market competitiveness.

Post time: Apr-28-2022