Application Fields of PUR Hot Melt Glue Laminating Machine

PUR Hot melt glue laminating machine is a processing machine that combines two or more different materials and exerts certain pressure to make them composite into a whole through heat radiation on plastic, sheet, fabric and so on.

Hot melt glue laminating machine is used for clothing leather, shoe sole material, light foam sheet material composite processing, its advantages lies in the use of PE film instead of glue bonding, product inventory time is long, no signs of discoloration, not easy to tear, bonding effect is stronger than glue, adaptability, and stability.


The main advantages of hot melt glue laminating machine are as follows:

To protect environmental, hot melt film is mostly colorless and tasteless, products can pass ROSH 6 & REACH 84 certification;

To save labor, hot melt adhesive film using hot bonding or high frequency process, save a lot of labor, can replace the traditional needle car process and gluing process.

The product appearance performance can be improved.

In clothing, hot melt adhesive film pressing can improve the water seepage of traditional needle car.

In the case of handbags, hot melt adhesive film can create a smoother adhesion between the two materials than glue.

Application of hot melt adhesive film in electronic industry: the application of hot melt adhesive film and hot melt omentum has penetrated into various electronic products, and is closely related to our life. For example, leather and leather bonding in tablet computer holster, conductive foam bonding, plastic and metal chip bonding in smart card packaging, conductive cloth bonding, foam and non-woven composite printing roller, etc.

Different hot melt adhesive film can be satisfied with the bonding of leather, textile, clothing, sponge, paper, metal, PVC and other materials. Hot melt adhesive film replaces traditional glue, has better fastness, no volatile substances, and is more environmentally friendly. It is the ideal material for electronic products.

Notes for operation of PUR hot melt glue laminating machine:

1. Different varieties of hot melt glue can not be mixed.

2. Do a good job of protection when maintaining equipment or increasing colloid.

3. In the colloid allowed temperature range heating, not over temperature.

4. Adhere to PUR hot melt glue laminating machine operating environment clean and orderly.

5. The device of the equipment to start from the safety and convenience of personnel, follow the people-oriented criteria.

6. Put the “cooling methods” around the equipment, which can cool down quickly in case of scald accident and reduce the injury caused by accident.


Installation method of PUR hot melt glue laminating machine

1. When installing PUR hot melt glue laminating machine, a correct and effective grounding wire must be connected. To avoid the danger of electric shock.

2. According to the load required by PUR hot melt glue laminating machine and its affiliated peripheral equipment, check the power cord used and whether the insulation protection meets the requirements. The load of the wire must be higher than the rated power of PUR hot melt glue laminating machine.

3. Ensure that the external voltage connected to PUR hot melt glue laminating machine is in line with the voltage approved power designed by the machine.


Post time: Jul-19-2022